Makadd BMP – 20L

Makadd BMP is a high performance bricklayers mortar plasticiser.


Makadd BMP is a high-performance Bricklayers Plasticiser used in Portland Cement to greatly improve the handling characteristics of mortars that it is added to. It improves the workability, solidity, consistency, water retention and ease of installation.

Recommended Uses

• Plasticiser mortars, renders and other sand/cement mixes
• Makadd BMP is available in 5 Litre and 20 Litre Containers
• Allows for easier workability in mortars which contain coarser sand
• Mortars will flow more evenly at lower water contents and maintain shape and form even under loads from subsequent layers of bricks
• Reduces segregation and bleeding in mortar mixes reducing unsightly surface laitence

Features & Benefits

• Can be used in both sand/cement and sand/lime/cement mixes
• Improves cure of mortars, leading to a stronger and more durable resultant mortar
• Eliminates the need for lime to be added to plasticise the mix which allows the water/cement ratio to be reduced, producing a higher strength mortar
• Air-entraining properties increase smoothness, strength, adhesion and workability of mortar, render and other sand/cement mixes
• Improves surface adhesion of renders while still wet
• Improves flexibility and durability
• Extends working time
• Brown coloured liquid is easier to measure, mix and dilute than powder based plasticers
• Reduces the cracking and weakening effects of thermal expansion/contraction and frost

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