Makgrout GP

Makgrout GP is a high-performance high flow shrinkage compensated Class A construction grout based on a blend of Portland cement, high quality graded aggregates and additives, which control expansion whilst the grout is in a plastic state.


Makgrout GP is used when it is essential to eliminate shrinkage in the plastic state when completely filling voids or grouting between a base plate and substrate. The addition of a controlled amount of clean water produces a flowing shrinkage compensated grout for gap thicknesses from 10mm up to 175mm.

Recommended Uses

• Ideal for bedding in pre-cast panels
• Filling in around anchor bolt cavities
• Suitable for filling in block work
• High ultimate strength and low permeability ensure the durability of the hardened grout
• Can be dry packed, troweled, poured, and pumped
• Suitable for filling in core holes or concrete penetrations
• Can be used as an underpinning grout, beneath concrete sections

Features & Benefits

•The Gaseous expansion system compensates for shrinkage and settlement in the plastic state
• Pre-packaged material overcomes potential on-site mixing variations
• Develops high early strength without the use of chlorides
• Grouting from 10mm to 175mm in a single application
• Maximum aggregate size 0.75mm for pumping
• No metallic particles to cause staining
• Australian Made and Australian Owned

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