Makpatch HB 55 Ultra

Makpatch HB 55 Ultra is a polymer modified high strength, medium weight structural high build fibre reinforced repair mortar with corrosion inhibitor.


Makpatch HB 55 Ultra is a concrete repair mortar which is supplied as a ready to use blend of dry powders which requires only the site addition of clean water to produce a highly consistent, high strength repair mortar. The material is based on the latest advances in cement, fillers and chemical additives technology and is polymer modified to provide a mortar with good handling characteristics, while minimising water demand. The hardened product exhibits excellent thermal compatibility with concrete and outstanding water repellent properties. The low water requirement ensures fast strength gain and long-term durability.

Recommended Uses

• High build repairs for vertical, overhead and horizontal repairs
• Repairing damaged concrete panels where structural strength is required
• High build repair applications 5mm to 100mm for vertical surfaces in a single application
• May be applied in verticals up to 150mm in small pockets or with the aid of formwork
• Repairs to spalled or deteriorated concrete caused by corrosion of steel reinforcement
• Suitable for structural strengthening requiring >45MPa
• Structural repairs to columns, stairs, decks, balconies,walls and concrete paths

Features & Benefits

• Compatible with concrete strength> 45MPa
• High strength – suitable for structural repairs
• Shrinkage compensated – provides long term dimensional stability
• High build formulation – allows for single application
• High resistivity – provides increased durability
• Can be applied using wet-spray process – providing faster more compact high build repairs
• Pre-bagged to overcome site-batched variations – only the site addition of clean water required
• Internal or external applications
• Easy to use – simply add water and mix
• Contains corrosive inhibitor

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