Makseal Construction Adhesive – Large & Small

Makseal Construction Adhesive is a solvent based construction adhesive.


Makseal Construction Adhesive is a multi-purpose, polystyrene safe synthetic rubber based adhesive which bonds to different building materials for internal and external applications.

Recommended Uses

• Adhesive designed for general purpose construction materials
•As a superior adhesive for the installation of wall and floor panels
•Adhere timber, metal & other materials to concrete, plaster or other firm facades
•High strength application for gap filling requirements where single use is needed
•Adheres to timber, metal, cement/plaster sheets to timber or metal studs
•Use on wood/steel battens or other fixings to brick, wood or concrete panels/walls
•Suitable for use on polystyrene foam

Features & Benefits

• Flexibility, high modulus and high strength
•Polystyrene safe (will not affect polystyrene foam)
•Water resistant and paintable
•Can be applied to green timbers or timbers that are damp
•Easy to use on polystyrene products
•Adheres to most surfaces
•Easy gunning and quick to cure
•General purpose use for interior and exterior areas
•Bonds instantly on contact

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