Makseal Hybrid LM

Makseal Hybrid LM is a high performance low modulus hybrid flexible joint sealant.


Makseal Hybrid LM is a high-quality low modulus hybrid flexible joint sealant and adhesive which is free of Isocyanate and other hazardous raw materials and produces low odour.
Makseal Hybrid LM displays high joint movement capability with no sagging or slump characteristics to provide high quality and efficient joint finish.
Makseal Hybrid LM is used when strong adhesion is needed for most common building materials such as Aluminium, Timber, Concrete and Fibreglass.

Recommended Uses

• Flexible joint sealant around doors, windows and facades
• Used for general purpose interior joint sealant applications
• Sandstone, Granite, Blockwork and Bricks
• Plasterboard and Fibre Cement Sheet
• Aluminium profiles and Fibreglass
• Precast concrete panels
• Sound dampening measures: Suitable for the interface of anti-corrosion seals in areas of rivets, bolts & hinges.
• Trafficable in joints up to 6mm

Features & Benefits

• Flexible joint sealant which offers strong adhesion to construction materials
• Isocyanate and solvent free
• Emits low odour
• Non-Corrosive
• Low VOC and Non-Slump
• Permanently flexible to provide a lasting seal
• Paintable
• Joint movement total 50%

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