Makseal Panel Mastic

Makseal Panel Mastic is a non-sagging and non-skinning gunnable grade sealant and adhesive.


Makseal Panel Mastic is a Butyl based non-sagging, non-skinning, and non-bleeding gunnable grade sealer which can be used in cool room & refrigeration manufacture. Panel Mastic is formulated from non-staining raw materials, which are also, F.D.A. approved.

Recommended Uses

• Suitable for sealing concealed lap joints between different building materials such as metals, masonry and glass
• Cool room wall component
• Lap joints from metal-to-metal components
• Glazing Sealant
• Provides dust proof, weatherproof and flexible seal in different construction and manufacturing materials

Features & Benefits

• Flexible
• Non-Staining
• Non-Skinning
• Non-Sagging and Non-Bleeding
• Excellent adhesion
• Easy application
• Permanently flexible to provide a lasting seal
• Excellent barrier to moisture vapour
• Low shrinkage

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